By Joyce Bunting

Winner of Harpenden Writers April 2021 Flash Fiction competition, voted winner by members of the group.

December 1938, Johannesburg.

Dearest Eliza,

I’m sending you these three gold nuggets which I found whilst prospecting. I would like you to get one of them made into a wedding ring.


Sixty-five years later I found the little envelope with the note and two nuggets. I had them assayed along with Eliza’s wedding ring. They were from the same seam.

But Eliza had married Richard. Had James been her fiancé, or a relation?

Was he lost in the War? No-one of her generation was left to ask. There had never been any whispers. Eliza had kept her secret close.

Lockdown lethargy

I looked at it and yawned. I knew I could do it, but I was so bored. I felt like sliding off the chair and laying down on the floor, just for a while, lay my head down and sleep, for a bit.

I looked around at all the jobs I should be doing, and yawned again, this time my eyes watered as well. The yawn was so big, I thought the top half of my head would drop off.

Maybe, if I get a drink it will wake me up. What shall I have? Better not have a snifter – ‘the road to ruin’ they say, at this time of day. Though, I could have a hot chocolate with a bit of brandy in it, as a treat, AND it is very cold outside.

So, I got a cup of tea, and had another look at it.

My thoughts drifted, I took a big breath…………………this is it, now or never, after all I did promise to put something together for the writers meeting tomorrow!

By Frances Kirkland