Lockdown lethargy

I looked at it and yawned. I knew I could do it, but I was so bored. I felt like sliding off the chair and laying down on the floor, just for a while, lay my head down and sleep, for a bit.

I looked around at all the jobs I should be doing, and yawned again, this time my eyes watered as well. The yawn was so big, I thought the top half of my head would drop off.

Maybe, if I get a drink it will wake me up. What shall I have? Better not have a snifter – ‘the road to ruin’ they say, at this time of day. Though, I could have a hot chocolate with a bit of brandy in it, as a treat, AND it is very cold outside.

So, I got a cup of tea, and had another look at it.

My thoughts drifted, I took a big breath…………………this is it, now or never, after all I did promise to put something together for the writers meeting tomorrow!

By Frances Kirkland

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