It’s an exciting time for Harpenden Writers, as we’re about to launch our second, properly published book, with an ISBN number and all. Our Anthology team and the HW committee have been working diligently on the project for months. There had to be enough support from the membership, for starters, to provide sufficient work from a wide cross-section of us, at an acceptable standard (honed and polished, in other words). There needed to be a budget and a sustainable costings schedule. We had to find ourselves an independent editor to assess the work, assist with the selection of pieces, suggest themes around which to structure the collection. A publisher and reliable sales and distribution methods were required. We should work out a strategy for ‘banging our own drum’ through marketing and publicity, a launch event, trumpets, bells and whistles…you name it.


The invitation to our book launch.

And it’s all come together. Not bad for a local writing society with a small voluntary committee and anthology team. Their commitment to this project proves how important they each feel it is to mark the 20th anniversary of Harpenden Writers. It’s a testament to everyone’s sense of belonging to the group. It’s not simply about taking an opportunity to self-publish (without the personal risk), but more a chance to be part of a collective endeavour which we are share with others; with our friends, family and acquaintances. A way of revealing “Look, this is what we get up to on those Friday mornings!”

Over the years, obviously, members come and go, move away or move on. But we’ve also, literally, lost a fair few. There have been several funerals recently where Harpenden Writers have gone along, with some great memories and anecdotes to share at the wakes. We’ve made genuine connections with our fellow local writers. We’ve formed special friendships. This anthology is dedicated to one such Harpenden Writer, who joined the committee to help with our previous anthology, ‘The Works’, ten years ago. As chair for quite a few years after that, Mo Bell demonstrated a humble but effective leadership.

‘The Works’ – to celebrate our 10th anniversary

Local groups and societies rely on people such as Mo who are prepared to go the extra mile, to carry the responsibility for thinking through what needs to happen in order for the meetings to take place, for there to be refreshments, speakers, and motivational writing targets throughout the year. This anthology then is also a testament to all those Harpenden Writers, past and present, who have contributed to the on-going success of the group.

‘The Words’ is out. And that’s not a grammatical error. On sale imminently. Watch this space!

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